02 a 05 de setembro de 2018
Centro de Convenções de PE

Doenças Transmissíveis: predição e desafios para o enfrentamento de novas e velhas epidemias





The abstracts should be submitted in Portuguese and presented in accordance with the guidelines below. All abstracts accepted by the Scientific Committee will be published in the Annals of the Event.

The submission deadline is July 16th, 2018.

Abstracts will be presented in oral or poster form, but the Scientific Committee will select, at its discretion, a limited number of scientific works to be presented orally. Authors will be advised in advance.

In order to submit the scientific work it is not necessary that the author responsible for the submission is enrolled in the paid event, but their homologation for presentation at the congress will only be effective after payment confirmation.

It will be accepted up to 05 (five) scientific works by author. Those who have already reached this number can only be listed in other works as co-authors. There are no limits to being a co-author of the abstract

The presenter of the abstract must be with his registration paid until the date of the presentation.

The result of the evaluation of the scientific works will be made available on August 03rd. If you do not receive the result until this date, please contact us at medtrop2018@bureaudeeventos.com.br..

Only one presentation certificate will be issued for each scientific work, following the registered order of authors..



Initially, the author must register in the event. With the login and password, the author will be able to submit the abstracts.

In the area of submission, the author should register the area of knowledge of his scientific work:

  • Accidents caused by venomous animals
  • Arboviroses
  • Chagas Disease
  • IST / HIV / AIDS and viral hepatitis
  • Epidemiology and Health Surveillance
  • Schistosomiasis
  • Leprosy
  • Leishmaniasis
  • Malaria * This thematic area will be evaluated by the Scientific Committee of the Malaria Satellite Meeting and the works approved in the oral modality will be presented in the room of the XV National Meeting of Malaria Research.
  • Travel Medicine
  • Mycoses
  • Other bacterial infections
  • Other parasitic infections
  • Other viral infections
  • Tuberculosis and Non - Tuberculosis Mycobacteria. * This thematic area will be evaluated by the Scientific Committee of REDE-TB and the works approved in the oral modality will be presented in the room of the Network-TB Workshop.
  • Vectors
  • Other injuries

Será aceito a submissão de Revisão de Literatura e Relato de Experiência onde os mesmos serão avaliados pela Comissão Cientifica.


Organization and presentation of the abstract:

The ABSTRACT should be sent in Portuguese following these guidelines:

Enter the abstract title with a maximum of 100 characters with spaces.

1. The abstract should be typed in the Microsoft Office WORD program for Windows using A4 format, ARIAL font size 12, single paragraph, single spacing and justified alignment, containing at least 1000 characters and a maximum of 2500 with spaces.

2. The title of the abstract should be written in bold capital letters. In the next line, write the complete name (s) of the author (s), with initial capital letters only. Please inform the author responsible for the presentation of the abstract.

3. Leave a blank line and start typing the abstract, in a single paragraph, without bibliographical references, tables, graphs or highlights of any nature. The text should contain implicitly introduction, objectives, study design, methods, main results, discussions and conclusions as well as three keywords that should be written on the line following the text. Enter the three keywords in alphabetical order. The keywords should be those that best characterize the work, preferentially considering the terminology adopted by DECS. If you have difficulty selecting your keywords, check the link below: http://decs.bvs.br/

4. The name or any mention that identifies the author (s) should not be included in the abstract. The names of authors, institutions and addresses should be informed in the specific fields of the abstract application form.

If your abstract has funding, please quote it in the field of Funding Agencies and if you have conflicts of interest please quote it in the Conflicts of Interest field.

The abstract should be typed in a single body: Introduction, Objective, Study design, Methods, Results, Discussion and Conclusion.

The contents of the abstract should be related to the chosen topic (Themes).

To finalize the process, check the data, validate your abstract and submit it for evaluation.

P.S.:. It is recommended strictness in the correction and presentation of abstracts, as they will be reproduced in the annals in the form in which they are received, without technical and / or grammatical revision. Therefore, they are entirely of the author's responsibility.